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Can you really insure a car for 1 day?

A very high proportion of single day car insurance policies are taken out at very short notice. Often these are emergency situations when a car won't start or is involved in an accident and the owner needs to arrange transport very quickly to tide him or her over until a longer term alternative can be arranged. Many policies, surprise surprise, are taken out late in the evening when drivers who realise, very sensibly, that they shouldn't drive because they're either too tired or have had a glass or two of wine too many, and hand their keys to someone else who was more fit to drive. Much of this is made possible because a very high proportion of us now carry mobile phones or tablets with fast and simple connection to the Internet. This means that pretty much regardless of where we are we can get online, visit a short term car insurance website and arrange a policy within just a few minutes; far faster in fact that it would take for a taxi to arrive in most cases! This means that the car can be insured for another person to drive it legally, possibly saving a disastrous end to a good night out. Allowing someone to drive your car uninsured is of course a serious offence which could result in not only the driver but yourself receiving a very large fine and penalty points on a driving licence. And have you seen the police cars lurking near to pubs, clubs and restaurants late at night?

On a different note: you can get  mobile beautician insurance (our friend here could do with some of that) no deposit car insurance, or even hairdresser insurance in the UK!

The moral of this is very simple. If you are going to drive to a night out where you may be tempted to have a drink or two there are two things you need; your mobile phone and someone who can drive but doesn't drink.

Incidentally, this type of short term car insurance is very versatile. You can buy it weekly or monthly, and be insured just when you need it, without paying out deposits or large premiums. This is the future of car insurance!

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