Malefex Welcomes Aspiring Actors to Horror Role-Playing Game

With the explosion of reality television, more people are exploring their own acting and role-playing skills in comparison to professional actors and actresses. Role-playing games (RPGs) have gained popularity as stress-release outlets for people to live fictitious scenarios with make-believe characters. The modern, horror, role-playing game, Malefex, offers players the exciting opportunity to live out their dreams (or nightmares) in an entertaining fantasy environment.

Released in 1997, Malefex is a dice-based, horror role-playing game, in which, players develop and control fictitional characters living in a fantasy world. The administrator of the game, called the "gamemaster," controls the environment in which the players function by recording character traits, selecting the game scenario script and directing the action.

The gamemaster has numerous modern scenarios to choose from. More experienced gamemasters can create their own storylines. As players advance, the gamemaster can challenge them with more complicated challenges.

A vast range of morality character levels - from good to evil - can be selected, along with various physical or magical weapons to be used against seen and unseen foes. Players have different ways of developing character traits, including point allocation, rolling the dice or acquisition through successful completion of tasks. Characters can also acquire magic spells.

This modern, horror, role-playing game is different from others in the horror game genre, because it has fewer enemies, less bloody gore and a more divided opposition. This is more of a psychological thriller, where players must engage in constant self-analysis to determine whether they are perceiving circumstances correctly. Much of the action is behind-the-scenes, where the cause-and-effect is hidden in a mysterious series of shadows.

Players must analyze the facts and evidence they are faced with. Who is behind these disturbing events? Is some mysterious secret society, criminal organisation or supernatural force controlling these horrific events?

Sometimes, it is difficult to recognise the real enemy in Malefex. Players can contemplate the intermeshing of darkness within every day life, while so many people engage in seemingly hopeless activities.

Internal and external enemies challenge players to respond correspondingly. Friends will learn more about each other and themselves after living this horror game. Some scenarios may demand that players turn into investigating sleuths, who attempt to solve the mystery of different crimes that are occurring around them.

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Malefex is superior to a computer RPG because it is more socially interactive. It challenges players with more sophisticated, decision-making choices.

Due to the mature content involved (drug abuse, crimes, mourning and darkness), this game is more suited towards experienced adults who can handle the bleak, depressing and horrific game scenarios.

The following supplies are needed for Malefex:

+ "Principia Malefex" book
+ Polyhedral dice
+ Writing utensil (pen or pencil)
+ Pad of paper.

The "Principia Malefex" is the primary rule book and set of instructions. Different guides, like the "Best of Friends" offer game scenarios for different skill levels. These introductory packs include pre-gened characters.

Players will be challenged with difficult psychological choices. "Live action roleplay" is also available when players can physically act out scenes using latex weapon props.

Fans can visit UK conventions to discuss their responses to different scenarios. Updates are available as soon as they are created. Prizes are available for role-playing contests.

Malefex is a complicated, supernatural, horror, role-playing game for mature, experienced players that can be entertaining for all involved.

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